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Cynthia Bowen

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Cynthia Bowen- Women’s Radio Networks: Educator Of The Year!


Roberta C. Pevear

Roberta Peavar

Roberta C. Pevear is an Author.

Roberta is the author of Write Quick: War and a Woman’s Life In Letters, 1835-1867. Write Quick Tells the story of her great grandmother named Eliza Bean who’s husband went to the civil war. Roberta was inspired to write the book after growing up reading the letters she found from her ancestors. She felt the need to get the information out there in the book and eventually would like to make a documentary.


Tammy Wilson

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Tammy Wilson LMFT, CEO, Oak Grove Center for Education Treatment & the Arts.

Oak Grove Center for Education Treatment and the Arts is a nonprofit educational and residential center serving 200 youth including 76 who live on campus. Children come to us with a variety of psychological, social, emotional, behavioral and academic problems, suffering from physical/sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect and other traumas.

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